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Middle East Collectibles

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Middle East Collectibles

Islam: Silver Rings, Neyshabur Firoozeh, Talisman Books & Plates & Iran: Shah Pahlavi, Military Badges

    Thank you for visiting our “Middle East Collectibles” website shop, where we aim to offer you with all of your collectible needs from Middle East & neighboring countries.

    Although our website shop is still in development, we are doing our best to finish the work as soon as possible, so that we may spend more time listing our collectibles that number in the thousands of interesting, historical items!
     Given our many listed collectibles, they do not mean that we support the ideas of any government or political group represented by that item. We are just a group of sellers trying to offer many hard-to-access items that have collectible interest, so that we can feed our families and stay in business to serve you.
    Please, frequently check this website shop as we are adding more & more items every week!  If you cannot find what you are seeking, please, use our “contact us” form to learn if we can supply you with your desired item. We always try to answer emails in less than an hour in most cases, but the maximum is 12 hours.
    Please understand that we cannot accept payments by PayPal, as we have gotten tired of them charging a lot & still keeping money in the accounts for years. So, we can only accept payments by Credit Cards, Personal checks, Bank Transfers, Cash, etc., to us or our friends & relatives in different countries. We can discuss the best method of payment when placing your order.
    We have corrected the shipping-fees system on our website & you can now buy items & pay the actual postal fees.

As Iran Post Base Weight for sending anything overseas is 500 grammes, we invite all customers to make their orders with this understanding to save money on postal rates.

We understand the base weight 500 grammes is not reasonable but it is something beyond our control.